Our Testimonials

“You are to be commended on your leadership skills and passion for quality. My daughter is indeed fortunate to have started her classroom educational experience at Creative Beginnings.”
“We experienced nothing but positive things throughout our three plus year relationship with all of you. Initially, as with all parents, entrusting the care of children to others can be worrisome. Yet, you all earned our trust and respect as care givers, educators, and administrators.”
“We cannot thank you enough for everything. The teachers and staff at Creative Beginnings truly made a difference in our son’s life – emotionally, behaviorally, educationally, and in many other aspects. The difference your staff has made is remarkable. He has learned so much and we only wish we had started him sooner. Words are inadequate to express how appreciative we are for everything you have done and provided.”
“We wanted to thank you for making our daughter’s three-year experience incredibly wonderful. She blossomed and grew in ways we could not have imagined. We felt confident and stress-free every day. We are sad to be leaving, but are excited for new adventures.”
“Creative Beginnings has offered a wonderful, caring learning environment for our children. The teachers have made a special life-long impact on both children. We love it here!”
“Kids are kindergarten-ready and then some!”
“Your staff does an excellent job. Thank you for all you do.”
“I love that the parents are incorporated into some of the children’s activities; that the classroom has multiple learning stations; and that the teachers recognize when my child needs one-on-one interaction.”
“Teachers are warm, patient and caring. They provide a safe environment for the children and provide opportunities to learn new things. Outstanding job by all!!”
“All five of my children have come to Creative Beginnings’ preschool and it has gotten all of them off to a great start in school. The program and the teachers have been excellent and my kids have all been happy here. Thank you for all the many years of wonderful preschool.”
“Exceeding our expectations!”
“You can’t improve – you’re the best.”
“Creative Beginnings is a very welcoming and comfortable environment. Everyone is friendly, helpful and truly interested in the children, their growth and development. We are extremely happy here and we recommend the school to everyone.”
“The facility is constantly and meticulously maintained. It’s wonderful to see routine maintenance like grounds groomed, floors waxed, clean and neat.”
“My son really thrived within the school’s modest kindergarten classroom. We simply could not be happier with the teacher and her Montessori-like method of allowing each child to focus on their “work” as individuals vice everything done as a group. We thought this was very appropriate. The teacher was gentle and compassionate. The 9 am to 3 pm slot suited us well. Lastly, it’s a straight shot to the NAS right on the east side of Rt. 235 so zipping in/out of the small campus was very convenient. A happy parent I could not imagine being happier with a kindergarten program. WE are thrilled.”
“The school age room is a really good balance of organized structure and home-like relaxed environment.”