Summer Day Camp

The CAP summer day camp programs for school age children offers a wealth of enrichment.  Our teachers facilitate and guide activities, making sure that summer fun time is also providing unique learning experiences.


Outside Organized Games:  Field Hockey, Badminton, Tag, Red Light-Green Light, Hide-Go-Seek, Softball, Relay Races,  Soccer, Capture the Flag, 4-Square

Inside Organized Games:  Card Games, Who is Missing, Brain-Teasers, Killer, Charades, Marbles, Simon Says,  Scavenger Hunts


Crafts:  Wood & plastic projects, paper mache’, sewing, yarn and bead projects, dough and clay crafts, painting, cooking and more

On Fridays, we run through the sprinklers and have water activities such as slip ‘n slide and water balloon volleyball.

On Thursday afternoons, the children are given the option of participating in movie day, complete with popcorn and special snacks.

After Lunch Club Time:   Lego, Scrapbooking, Stamping, Bunco, Beading,

Specials:  Exercise Club, UnBirthday Party, Backwards Day, Sing Alongs, Jewelry Making,

Bi-Weekly Units:  Rocks and Volcanoes, Rain Forests/Ecology, Ship Ahoy, Shadows and Light, Paper and Pencil Fun, Americana, Go Team, Travel to Middle Ages, Journey into Space, Mystery, Messy Art in the Park, On Stage, Survivor, Tall Tales, Is It Magic or Science?

Daily Literary Magazine Readings


Children bring peanut free lunch and two snacks from home on non-school days and during summer day camp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who staffs summer day camp?
Our head counselor is a member of our permanent CAP staff and all of our counselors are experienced in working with school age children.

Who is eligible to attend?
Children who have completed their kindergarten year, up to and including grade 5, are eligible to attend.  We give priority to currently enrolled CAP children.

Water Bottle Information.
A plastic water bottle with a lid is required. Please write your child’s name on the bottle.  Water bottles must be taken home each night, washed and refilled with ice and water.

Who provides lunch?  What shall I pack?


Parents provide lunch.  We have a refrigerator, but cannot microwave the lunches.

Cheese & Crackers * Bagel or Boston Brown Bread & Cream Cheese * Muffin and Apple Butter * Veggie or Cheese Pizza  Biscuits * Cornbread * Fruit & Veggies with Dip * Pita Pocket Sandwiches * Pretzels and chips * Trail Mix * Cookies

What enrollment forms are needed?
All children, including currently enrolled children, must return a SUMMER CAMP ENROLLMENT FORM designating weeks of attendance.  A health physical and up-to-date shot record are required.  A $30 non-refundable registration fee and deposit equal to your last week of summer day camp should accompany the SUMMER CAMP ENROLLMENT FORM for children not currently enrolled in the CAP room.

How are fees paid?
Children may attend part or all of the summer.  Weekly fees reflect five full days and must be paid for all weeks checked on the SUMMER CAMP ENROLLMENT FORM regardless of absences.  If your child attends any part of a week, fees are paid in full for the entire week.  Attendance can only be set up in weekly blocks.  If families have more than one child enrolled, a 10% discount is applied to the tuition of the oldest.  Summer Camp fees are paid through Tuition Express which will withdraw your tuition from a bank account or credit card each Monday.