We will be happy to administer medication to your child within licensing guidelines.  It works best if we can administer medication at lunch time.  A standard time is essential since we do not have a nurse on staff.  At noon, both senior staff members are in the room and we are not outside, in circle or asleep.  Of course, we will make every attempt to accommodate you and get your child the medication he needs, when he needs it.

Prescription and Non Prescription Medication

  • A medical consent form must be completed by the physician for all medication
  • Medicine must be labeled by the pharmacy or physician and in the original container
  • At least one dose of medication must be have been given at home

  Non Prescription Topical Medication

  • A medical consent form must be completed by the parent for sun screen and diaper cream
  • At least one dose must have been applied at home

Click the link below for the Medication Administration Authorization Form: